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The riskCE office has in-depth knowledge of EU directives and regulations regarding products, Polish law implementing these requirements as well as procedures and methods of operation distinctive for market surveillance authorities. Our office prepares expertises and opinions based on the experience gained by M.Sc. Piotr R. Gajos, who is a registered appraiser at the Inspectorate of Trade Inspection in Gdańsk. In the strictly legal-related matters, the riskCE office cooperates with the Law Firm of Paulina Zakrzewska-Rosołowska.

The riskCE office represents its clients during the inspection and administrative proceedings prefacing the market surveillance authorities controlling procedures. On behalf of our clients, we are also preparing appeals and complaints about the improper conduct of inspections. Each market surveillance authority has competence in the scope of different new approach directives. Therefore, product inspection, which is subject to the requirements of several directives, can be performed simultaneously by various inspectorates.