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Ecodesign requirements have been included in two EU directives:

  • Directive ErP 2009/125/EC (Energy Related Products Directive), which origins general rules for setting EcoDesign requirements for specific groups of energy-related products. This directive replaced the EuP 2005/32/EC directive (Energy using Products), supplemented by Directive 2008/28/EC.
  • Regulation LErP 2017/1369 (ex 2010/30/EU) (Labeling of Energy Related Products Directive) concerned on energy efficiency labeling and standard product information of energy consumption and other resources by energy-related products. This directive replaced Directive 92/75/EEC.


The above-mentioned directives do not apply to the particular products themselves, but they describe the framework or rules to be used by the European Commission to prepare the relevant provisions. The specific requirements for individual product groups are laid down in:

  • implementing measures,(EU regulations related to Directive ErP 2009/125/EC)
  • and delegated acts, that is, EU regulations related to the LErP 2017/1369 directive (ex 2010/30/EU).


The riskCE consulting office has been specializing in EcoDesign requirements for years, constantly gaining knowledge and experience. Over recent years, the amount of executive and delinquent acts has increased significantly, including products such as LED lamps and bulbs, vacuum cleaners, small, medium and high power transformers, professional refrigeration cabinets and refrigerators, domestic ovens, hobs, and hoods. There are already ongoing consultations and in some cases advanced actions concerning more eco-requirements as for power cables, windows, pumps, and lighting systems.

Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of clients, the riskCE office has created the National Contact Point for EcoDesign requirements. Feel invited to contact us and consult on the EU's ecodesign requirements. Please send e-mails to We assure you that none of your inquiries will remain unanswered.